Lonicera flower (jin yin hua), Forsythia fruit (lian qiao), Isatis extract leaf & root (da qing ye & ban lan gen), Arctium fruit (niu bang zi), Mentha herb (bo he), Schizonepeta herb (jing jie), Soy sprout (dan dou chi), Platycodon root (jie geng), Lophatherum herb (dan zhu ye), Licorice root (gan cao)

Health Concerns Yin Chao Jin 90 Capsules 30 Servings

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  • Internal: 3 capsules TID, between meals, in severe cases take every 3-4 hours. Discontinue or re-evaluate after the third day of wind attack.
    90 capsules, 650mg, 10 day supply

    Contraindications: This formula will not be effective for damp-heat conditions.