• Increases growth hormone stimulation
  • Enhanced fat metabolism and body fat reduction
  • Increased muscle mass and bone density
  • Enhanced sleep and feeling of well being


For some, restless nights and trouble sleeping is the norm. This means turning to means such as addictive solutions such as sleep meds or other solutions that aren’t ideal like cold medicine. Somatomax from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals was created to not only provide an alternative to these less desirable options, but to be the ultimate in nighttime recovery formulas.


Somatomax works with your body to not only help you relax and get into a state of sleep readiness, but it also helps your body recover as a whole. Utilizing natural ingredients, it helps you achieve REM sleep (the most restorative sleep stage) more efficiently and optimize the time with your head on the pillow.


Not only does this mean better, sleep, Somatomax was also designed to help optimize your natural hormone levels, most importantly growth hormone. Having the ideal growth hormone output means maximum benefit and repair at night, increased potential for lean muscle mass and the ideal environment for fat loss.

Take your sleep to the next level with Hi Tech Pharmaceutials Somatomax!

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax 20 Servings

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